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Since 1962, Sika Sarnafil has been producing high-quality system solutions for roofing and waterproofing applications on new construction and renovation projects. Modern roofing calls for resilient and innovative solutions. Our systems accommodate the visions of architects and meet the durability requirements of building owners.

Sika Sarnafil's products, systems, and services are designed to meet our customers’ needs on buildings of all types and in any type of climate.  Some of our solutions are:  

     Adhered/Mechanically-Attached Roofing Systems

    Self-Adhered Systems

    Textured Membrane

    Green “Vegetated” Roofing

    Simulated Metal Roof System

    Solar Roof Systems

    Vented Roof Assemblies

Sika Sarnafil is the worldwide market leader in PVC membrane technology.  If you value what takes place inside your building, introduce yourself to a company with a passion for what protects it. Sika Sarnafil is your source for roofing and waterproofing peace of mind.

Copyright © 2021. Sika Corporation - All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2021. Sika Corporation - All Rights Reserved.